SIKAMA International Falcon 1200 Up to 420°C Reflow Furnace

$ 7,000
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Sikama International’s Falcon 1200TM is a multi-purpose furnace capable of temperatures up to 420°C that can be used as a reflow solder system as well as for epoxy curing applications. Incorporating Sikama’s unique “thermal technology” based on conduction heating in combination with forced thermal convection, the Falcon 1200TM contains 1 load zone, 7 heat zones and 2 cooling zones and includes automatic load and unload buffers with appropriate sensors providing SMEMA interface connection to link into automated production lines. The system may be operated with air, nitrogen or forming gas.

The Falcon 1200TM is well suited for reflow applications involving a broad range of substrate materials including wafer bump reflow, insulated metal-core substrates, BGA, high mass components and die soldering as well as epoxy curing applications including underfill and glob-top. The Falcon 1200TM’s efficiency of operation and minimal use of electricity and gas are the result of Sikama’s unique patented design for balanced heating and cooling that will increase your yields, improve your bottom line, and safeguard your product integrity and your reputation.

Maximum Substrate Size 12 in. W X 12 in. L x 0.9 in. H


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