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93 kva 575 Delta Step down 480V transformer
Acme Transformer 80 Kva 600V to 400V wye
Advanced micro instruments 111 oxygen analyzer
Agilent N5745A DC Power Supply 30V 25A
Alcatel IPUP A100 dry vacuum pump
Austin American Micro-Jet FC Inline PCB Cleaner 2010
BLUE M OV-490A 3 260C Bake oven 110V 15x18.5x19"
Branson Ultrasonics 920IW+ Ultrasonic welder
Busch 20CFM 1.5HP In-circuit tester vacuum pump
Cab Maestro 3 Board Cutter / Depanelizer
Corning Hotplate - PC-500 10x10"
Count on tools stripfeeder mini (2pcs)
DCC Corporation HotSpot II TC Thermocouple Welder
Disco DAD 341 Automatic Dicing Saw Wafer / Substrate
Dukane IQ ES power supply unit for ultrasonic welder
Firebird 6000A Communications Analyzer
Goulds Pumps G&L Series SSV 1SVA1G6F2
Graco 16V133 G-Flex 1500 Vibratory Parts Feeder
Hakko FX-951 Electronic Soldering Station
Handheld Soldering Iron Solder Iron Handpiece
Hepco 1200-1 pcb nibbler routed boards
JUKI 700 Series Feeder Trolley Single Pin

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