Thank you for your interest in our business! 

We have been involved in the SMT / PCBA industry for more than 30 years. This industry has seen many changes over the years. We have continued to expand our capabilities and market share over those 30+ years in business.  Our goal is to grow organically, adding talent, while maintaining our customer satisfaction.  We love the repeat business that our loyal customers trust us with. We are fully staffed with an in-house technical team, logistics, facilities, and application support. 

 How we operate : 

     What is the difference between a Dealer(us) and a Broker? we hold our own inventory, these items are physically in our possession at our facility, we own them.  Each item is brought in, put under-power, tested and calibrated prior to sale.  We value our customers and our reputation in the marketplace. thus we do our best to provide equipment that can add value to our customer's operation.  There are may brokers out there, most will come up at the top of most of the search engines, selling equipment they have never seen, from customers they may or may not even know.  Once you agree to purchase you will be issued a one-sided contract with all the liability and responsibilities falling on your shoulders, they are held harmless and the equipment is sold as is. So anything that may have been misrepresented, or not provided at time of shipping, becomes your problem. Then you are at their mercy to deliver the goods on time and in good condition, you also must use their packing and shipping resources (wait till you see those costs). 

This is what seperates us, we handle all of these items in house with our seasoned team of professionals, we do our best to keep these costs as low as possible.  We add a warranty and a guarantee of functionality to everything we sell (unless clearly noted as a system for parts).  If you have an issue, you can email or call us and we will help you troubleshoot/resolve it. If you are not satisfied it is our goal to change that, we don't look at a sale as a singular event, our goal is to create lasting relationships.  It is our firm belief this is how business should be done.  

We also work with many new equipment OEMs as a auxiliary component of their service team.  Should their own service department get overwhelmed they call upon our technicians to help assist with urgent needs. This also allows our engineers access to top level training, support, and parts resources to help serve our customers. 

For years we have been called upon to provide customers with resources when they are selling equipment.  1 piece or an entire plant, we can handle it and everything in between.  We have a team of people skilled with handling all the decommissioning and moving of the equipment. We are the pain free option; we will pay you immediately, dispatch people to help remove the equipment, and be out of the way as fast as possible.  No waiting for us to find a buyer for individual pieces, we won't tax your already busy staff with leaning on them to do our job. We have been a resource to fortune 100 companies all the way down to small outfits when they need to sell equipment.