PFI handled our equipment disposition with great professionalism from the initial negotiations to the final shipment of the product out of my facility.   The Equipment movers were very professional and respectful of our manufacturing environment while preparing and loading out the equipment.  They worked diligently to get everything out within the time frame they quoted in the negotiations.  The whole process worked like clockwork.  Thanks!

- Danfoss Power



Complete Line Installation- 2 Pick and Place, 2 Ovens and a Printer

I just recently purchased a screen printer, two reflow ovens and two Juki Pick and Place machines along with a conformal coating robot. This is in addition to two previous Juki P&P that we already have. So now we have 4 units. We purchased our first two Juki's which were used and then paid Juki's service group $15K before they would even look at the machines to service them. Ugh! With that said, the machines were 10 years old at the time and I have owned them for 3 years. I am so impressed with the Juki quality that I wanted more. We have had virtually no service calls on the equipment other than routine maintenance. So I really like Juki products.

Now with that said, when we decided to expand we went to Juki for two more machines. They were looking to sell us two reconditioned machines at about half the price of new. So we were really jazzed with that aspect. However, PFI has a huge inventory of Juki machines (along with everything else we needed). The same product that Juki was offering me was coming in at half their price with PFI. Wow! (don't tell PFI that) So guess which way we went?

Joe Gurley at PFI has been a pleasure to work with. He makes sure the machines are working and has a staff that knows Juki's inside and out. The delivery was flawless. The equipment looks brand new even though it is 7 years old. His tech got the machines up and running without a glitch. The units basically worked right out of the box, probably because PFI ran the machines through the paces before they were delivered. And the best part, it did not cost me another $15K to get them set up. Shame on Juki for doing that! From now on any time I need servicing on any of my Juki machines I am calling Joe's team in. They know their stuff better than I think Juki does. The Juki machines are so robust I would never buy a new one.

PFI pre-runs all of the equipment before it is delivered and they service what they sell. This is so much better than buying something at auction and hoping for the best. I have dealt with a lot of used equipment from brokers and auctions and I have to say PFI has been the best I have dealt with. I don't know what type of SMT equipment you are looking for but I would highly recommend Juki. While sometimes there are other reasons to go with a particular brand, the Juki units are built like a tank and run forever.




EL11304 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM NEW BALDOR ELECTRIC MOTOR OLD # L1304:  Industrial & Scientific 

Plant Closure - 2 SMT Lines, $300K+

Dear Mr. Gurley,

It has been very nice doing business with you. Your staff met the deadline, your payments arrived early, and everyone here at Baldor has been very satisfied with this process.  We will surely keep you in mind for any other projects that may come up in the future. 

Baldor Electric