Austin American Micro-Jet FC Inline PCB Cleaner 2010

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Austin American Micro-Jet FC Inline PCB Cleaner 

Prewash and Wash The prewash section can serve as an extension of the wash section (for use with wash chemistry) or operate in a full cascade mode direct to drain. Pressure balance valves and a flow meter are included. The recirculated wash section features Progressive Energy Dynamics which optimizes impingement force and flow without operating at unnecessarily high pressures. Water is heated and recirculated at a flow rate of 120 GPM, and an optional chemical injection system can add saponifier or defoamer. The Chemical Isolation section can be configured with spray, air blow-off, or both. This can dramatically reduce the amount of wash chemistry used, thus significantly reducing operating costs. In addition, it increases resin bed life when the rinse is recycled through a closed-loop system. . Power Rinse and Final Rinse Heated and recirculated water utilizing Progressive Energy Dynamics is directed on the PCB during the power rinse. The final rinse, which can introduce deionized water into the system, uses as little as 2 GPM. Patented Dynamic Drying Austin American Technologyʼs patented Jet Manifold drying system removes water from the PCB without adding heat, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on to the assembly. This technology also reduces operating costs and increases blower life

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