Schleuniger EcoStrip ES 9300 Wire Stripping machine w/ Prefeeder

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Schleuniger EcoStrip ES 9300 Wire Cut / Strip machine 

Small spool pre-feeder

Assorted guides 

general Description Low-cost, high performance automatic wire stripping machine for processing standard cables, wires and flat ribbon cables.
Processable Wire Diameters Up to 0.24" (6 mm)
Processable Wire Sizes 32 to 10 AWG (0.03 - 6 mm)
Processable Flat Ribbon Cables Up to 0.52" (13 mm)
Throughout (3.94" (100 mm) in length, both ends stripped 5,200 pcs/hr.
Adjustable between 0-160°C (32-345°F)
Blade System 1 pair of universal V-blades 

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