MyData Mycronic -Agilis Tray Magazine- ATM8

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MyData Mycronic -Agilis Tray Magazine- ATM 8 

The Agilis Tray Magazine takes up only one slot and can hold up to eight JEDEC trays.

Per the OEM: 
For medium to large volumes, The Agilis Tray Magazine (ATM) is the ideal tray
feeding solution for most production environments, by offering the possibility to handle up to eight JEDEC trays in a single magazine slot. The ATM’s
user-friendly tray holders feature a unique ID chip and a matching barcode, making the loading process just as easy and safe as with any other Agilis feeder.

Exchanging or refilling a tray is done in less than a minute, and the operator is guided by
an LED indicator showing which tray needs to be replaced. The pick-and-place machine will continue mounting non-tray components while the ATM is being replenished. To protect delicate components, tray accelerations are software controlled. If your production needs change, you can easily remove the ATM and retrofit it into any position in the

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