MYCRONIC MY500 2013 Solder Paste Jet Printer Dispenser SN# 1274

$ 37,500
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MYCRONIC MY500 Solder Paste Jet Printer 2013 

Includes JPCam offline software 

Good machine to augment stencil printer / add paste to shields that need extra solder / prototype environment. 

Includes jet head 

Includes paste inspection license. 

The MY500 Jet Printer is a breakthrough innovation. Well proven on five continents, it shoots solder paste on the fly at split-second speeds while moving above the board. The MY500 is designed to keep pace with a pick-and-place line rated at 30,000 cph. It is capable of applying a wide range of leaded and lead-free solder pastes as well as Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA).

Key benefits

  • 30 000 cph equivalent
  • Preparing a new job in minutes
  • Optimizing paste volumes for each solder joint
  • Quick last-minute revisions
  • No cleaning or manual adjustments
  • POP and 3D capability

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