MTA - MPS700 Bottom Side Inline Selective Iron Soldering Machine - 2019

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MTA MPS700 Bottom Side Inline Selective (Iron) Soldering Machine

YOM: 2019   Machine No: 6M00297  SN: 6D00721

Just taken offline (March 22 2024) in good working order -

This system is immediately available and located & EXW Romania.

  • Pallet/PCB max. size  700 x 700 mm
  • Pallet/PCB max. weight  20 kg
  • Iron power  150W
  • Iron temperature  adjustable to 450°C (837°F) and standby mode
  • Temperature accuracy  ±5°C
  • Solder wire diameter  0.3 – 1.2 mm
  • Cartesian robot  4 axes: X, Y, Z and T (optional)
  • Typical speed  X= 0.7m/s   Y= 1m/s   Z= 0.5m/s   T=3.14 rad/s
  • Typical acceleration  X= 10m/s2   Y= 10m/s2   Z= 5m/s2   T=14 rad/s2
  • Positioning repeatability  ±20 μm
  • Conveyor type  belt
  • Conveyor length  1500 mm
  • Conveyor width range  50-700 mm
  • Conveyor height  930 mm ±50 mm (SMEMA)
  • Typical conveyor speed  0.3m/s
  • Interfaces  SMEMA / Ethernet  / USB port
  • Power supply  3×400 VAC – 50Hz
  • Power consumption  2 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  1’500 x 1’750 x 1’350 mm
  • Weight  ~900 kg

About this model-per the OEM/MTA: 

As a complement or an alternative to mini-wave and traditional selective soldering techniques, the MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine provides maximum accessibility and meets mass production requirements of quality, reliability and cycle times.

The iron head consists of a powerful heating element and a high precision wire feeder. A compact vision system close to the iron head adjusts the solder point positions. A 4-axis system guarantees quick and precise movements.


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