MBtech NC25 Precision Cleaning System

$ 22,000
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MBtech NC25 Precision Cleaning System
Stainless steel construction,
Built in automatic transfer system from tank to tank,
Spray Under Immersion cleaning process,
Vacuum drying process,
100% Closed loop operation (wash and rinse).

Includes 5 carriers for boards. 


  1. Cleaning Tank
  2. Rinse Tank 1
  3. Rinse Tank 2
  4. Drying Chamber


  • Dimensions (L x l x H): 1600 x  1000 x  2000 mm
  • Power supply: 400V three phases+Neutre 50/60Hz 20A
  • Compressed air supply: 6bars max, 250L/min
  • Water supply: 3 bars (top up only)
  • Exhaust: 170 m3/h, 100mm port on top of the machine

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