JUKI SFN2 SFN2AS SFN-N2 Adjustable stick / tube feeder narrow SOP QFJ PLCC SOJ

$ 1,200
In stock


JUKI SFN2AS SFN-N2 tube feeder, see chart in pictures. new cost is 2500$

Has cogiscan smart feeder capabillity

The SF type feeders are adjustable single lane belt feeders. There are 2 basic
models; SFN for parts up to 12.7mm and the SFW for parts up to 31.2mm.
SF type feeders have a hinged load chute in the back that allows easier
unloading of unused parts. The feeders are mechanical and advance the same
way as a tape feeder. The tube can be left in the feeder or removed.
A shim kit is available that allows any SFN to be converted into any other SFN

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