ASYS VEGO AEM 02 90 degree turn, sorting conveyor 2014 vintage

$ 6,950
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Programmable width adjust.

460mm max width

2014 vintage

Left turn or Pass through. 

110V 90psi

Good working condition. 

Serial # 053660

The integrated rotating and linear drive means that the system provides you with great flexibility. The machine is based on a stable steel tubing system which can support up to 4 additional inlet/outlet conveyors.

The assembly is taken over onto the inlet conveyor and depending on the selected operating mode, is either turned or transported in a straight line through the machine to the corresponding downstream system. 


  • Colour display with graphical user interface
  • Product parameters can be changed during running operation
  • Product memory function
  • Symmetrical system design 
    Individual configuration of the inlets and outlets 
  • Operating modes:
    • Feed-in
    • Feed-out
    • Pass-through
    • Pass-through/Feed-out
    • Pass-through/Feed-in 

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