YXLON Y.Cougar 160Kv CT 3D/CT Xray machine 2013

$ 95,000
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YXLON  Y-Cougar 3D/CT Xray machine 

  • Vintage 9/2013 Vintage  - Serial No. 1110706
  • Tube: 25-160Kv - Max tube power: 64W - Max target power: 10W
  • High Focus tube with 2 sets of centering coils.  Perfect system for demanding applications or F/A Labs. 
  • Transmissive (open) type 
  • Image chain: Flat panel detector 
  • Oblique view +/- 70deg
  • Z-Axis detector with 140deg tilt
  • Highly precise µCT sample rotation 
YXLON software version Y.FGUI
Y.µCT Module

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