X-TEK NIKON Revolution 160KVa 20W X-Ray, Flat Panel, CT imaging

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X-TEK Revolution X-Ray Inspection Machine

This is a very high quality system with incredible image quality.  Reconditioned and serviced and ready for use. New cost of this machine was close to 400K. 

Huge Varian PaxScan flat panel detector on a tilt axis 

Table has rotation for full 360 oblique viewing

6000X Max Magnification,

160KV 20W Nanotech TT X-Ray Unit

5 Kg Capacity 20 In. x 20 In.

5-Axis Parts Manipulator with CT Rotating Chuck Option, 

407 x 407mm Scan Area

Dell Precision T5600 Desktop Computer with Metris Inspect-X Suite Version 1.60.3509.26893

2008 vintage, SW upgraded 2017

Machine has the ability to be used in many industries, PCB, Semicondutoctor, Aersopace manufacturing, Orthopedics 

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