Viscom S3088-III AOI 06/2011 High resolution 01005 capable

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 Viscom S3088-III AOI

8MP camera 4 size camera

Calibration kits

Repair/review station with board stand, PC, and keypad 

very lightly used system

The revised PCB transport now allows larger boards to be inspected, up to 508 x 508mm. The system can also be optimally equipped for extreme cycle time requirements or heavier PCBs.

The scope of the colour evaluation was also widened and colour evaluation for angled inspections is also provided. This improves visualisation of the inspection results, both on the system as well as at the repair station. Extended lifted lead detection, a new innovative function, reduces false alarms caused by poorly stamped edges. This provides high defect coverage, with minimal false alarm rate.

The S3088-III also comes equipped with Viscom software modules, such as switchable resolution with the OnDemandHR function or Integrated Verification for automatic inspection program optimization.

The AOI system can be used as an inspection island or deployed in the production process. This makes it easy for small electronics service providers as well as large EMS companies to establish and document IPC-compliant electronic assembly production.

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