ViTechnology 3D SPI 4000L 3D Solder Paste Inspection System 2009

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Vi Technology 3D XPI 4000L 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

All machines are manufactured in late 2009 and just removed from production

With its revolutionary warp measurement, this system provides unmatched accuracy for 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection.

Vi TECHNOLOGY ®'s 3D-SPI is the world's first 3D Solder paste inspection system able to measure PCB warp as well as true solder volume without shadow effect within cycle time. On-the fly 3D image acquisition (instead of stop and move) brings faster 3D inspection without loss of resolution.  

Accuracy and warp compensation
Unmatched true resolution, accuracy and repeatability
Full-featured absolute measurement of the full board surface, mapping to 0.1µm for every measurement
Zero % shadow effect with the structured double light source providing no volume measurement error
True volume measurement of board and paste
Unique flexible board process measurement
Easy operation
Easy off-line programming by automatic conversion of Gerber and CAD Data
Easy- to-use, highly flexible software
On-machine defect review and trend analysis
Real-time process monitoring and alarm signal generation
Real-time SPC software for process monitoring and defect analysis
Full-featured historical drill down of data with intuitive presentation of information


Mechanical system (dimensions in mm [inches])

Maximum board dimensions 510 [20] x 460 [18]
Board thickness (minimum to maximum) 0.4 to 5 mm [0.01 to 0.19]
Clearance under camera 25 [0.98]
Clearance under board 25 [0.98] 
Clamping system edge 3 [0.12]
PCB warpage Maximum ± 3.5 [0.13]
System accuracy and repeatability (measurement at 21°C ±- 1°C)
Measurement repeatability (3 s)
Height: < 1.5 µm at standard certification target
Volume: < 2 % at standard certification target
Measurement accuracy Height: < 3 µm at standard certification target
Measurement resolution Height: 0.1 µm 
Area: 20 µm
% Gage R&R < 10%
Average inspection speed
Inspection speed 20 cm2/sec (without shadow effect)
Inspection items
Inspection items Height, volume, shape, area, bridge, position
Measurable object size Length: 160 ~ 30 000 µm
Height: 50 ~ 500 µm

Machine Dimensions (W x D x H):  1000 x 1250 x 1490 mm (40" x 50" x 59")
Weight:  1080 kg

Power:  AC 220 V , 22 A , 50/60 Hz


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