Totech SuperDry SD+ 1106-22 6 Door Humidity Dry Store Cabinet #102

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Th eSuper Dry SD+ 1106-22 Dry Store Cabinet is the 6 door version of the highly successful SD+ range manufactured by Totech.

SN# 102

The SD+ Series is the newest and highest performance version in the venerable SD range. New, upgraded hardware and software include a high accuracy digital sensor and integrated data logger. All climate data can be tracked and recorded over time through an Ethernet connection and included software.

The Super Dry SD+ 1106-22 dry store cabinet is ideally suited for applications where storage of devices is required with a relative humidity of less than 1% RH at 25°C.  Storage of moisture sensitive devices such as LED’s can be achieved whilst supporting the device reel thanks to custom designed electronic device reel rack.  The Super Dry SD+ 1106-22 Dry Storage Cabinet is a favourite among medical, laboratory and digital media storage applications.

Technical data cabinet
✓ External dimensions: (W x H x D) 1200 x 1675(1840) x 658 mm
✓ Internal dimensions: (W x H x D) 1190 x 1533 x 630 mm
✓ Weight: 155 kg
✓ Weight on shelf: 50 kg
✓ Max. loading capacity: 300 kg
✓ Body: Steel, conductive coated 10 7 Ω/sq
✓ Volume: 1139 L
✓ Electric supply: 230 VAC (120 VAC optional)
✓ Power consumption: Average 35 W/h (excl. heating)
✓ Protection class: Class 1, hard grounded
✓ Humidity level cabinet: ≤1% RH depending on amount of door openings

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