Thermaltronics TMT-9800S Precision Robot Soldering System

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TMT-R9800S Precision Soldering Robot (Contact Solder Machine)

Lightly used (<200 hours) soldering machine. Purchased for specific production requirements that did not materialize. Includes accessories, as well as a step-by-step programing guide and a camera installed to provide visibility at the point of soldering. 

TMT-R9800S Precision Soldering Robot

  • Six Axis Soldering/Dispensing Platform
  • Full vision mapping & Fiducial Marks
  • Laser Height Measurement
  • Curie Heat Technology provides precise temp. control
  • Flux & Solder Paste dispensing
  • Fume extraction
  • Tip Camera
  • Soldering tips
  • (4) wire feeding tubes 
  • Monitor and CPU loaded with Thermaltronics programming software
  • TMT-9000PS soldering iron power supply
  • MaRC Technologies fume extractor
  • Custom made programming guide with step-by-step instructions
Input Line Voltage TMT-R9800PS-1 100-110 VAC
TMT-R9800PS-2 220-240 VAC
Servo Motor Axis 6 Axis
Camera View 290mm x 200mm
PCBA Size Max 200mm x 200mm with rotation
Soldering Region Max 190mm x 170mm
Dynamic Range of Shaft X Axis 290mm Standard
Y Axis 200mm Standard
Z1, Z2 Axis 70mm
R Axis 360°
Shaft Speed X, Y & Z Axis 0.1 ~ 300 mm/sec
R Axis 0.1 ~ 450°/sec
Positioning Repeatability X, Y & Z Axis ±0.01 mm
R Axis ±0.02°
Camera resolution 0.015mm
Air Pressure Max. 6 Bar/ 87 psi
Solder wire diameter range 0.3 ~ 1.6 (mm)
Controller Industrial Computer w/Proprietary Software
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Soldering System 120 watts (40 watts RF output)
Curie Heat Technology 250C ~ 475C (Tip cartridge pre-defined)
Power Supply 100 ~ 240V AC
Power Consumption 1 KVA
Dimensions 800mm (H) x 702mm (D) x 620mm (W)
Weight 125 KG (275 LBS)


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