Symmetricom TSC 5120A Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Test Set, 1 - 30 - MHz #03

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Symmetricom 5120A 

Serial # H 168495 0312

The Symmetricom 5120A Phase Noise and Allan Deviation (ADEV) Test Set with Ultra Low Noise Floor transforms the way these measurements are made. Traditional measurement instruments require an external phase-lock loop, turning these types of measurements into a complicated and costly endeavor. Compare this with the 5120A, which makes fast yet accurate single sideband (SSB) phase noise and ADEV measurements at the click of a button, all at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Symmetricom’s 5120A is the easiest to use phase noise and ADEV test set in the world: simply connect the device under test (DUT) and reference signal (which can be at a different frequency than the DUT) and press the 5120A’s green Start button. Seconds later valid measurement data appears on the unit’s high resolution display. With the all-digital 5120A, tedious multi-step configuration and calibration routines are no longer required.
The Symmetricom 5120A provides phase noise measurement accuracy to previously impossible levels of ±1.0 dB. This combined with the best-in-industry phase noise and ADEV measurement floor means that with the 5120A you can characterize even your lowest noise references more accurately than ever before.
The 5120A is able to support the widest range of phase noise and ADEV measurements of any commercially available product. By converting the DUT and Reference signals to their digital representation as a first step, the patented all-digital design in the 5120A has
eliminated the need for carrier suppression when making measurements, enabling phase noise measurements at smaller frequency offsets than previously possible (to below 0.1 mHz).
Specifications of the Symmetricom 5120A include:
  • Performance:
    • Frequency range: 1-30 MHz (sinewave)
    • Allan deviation:
  • Phase Noise Specifications:
    • Measurement accuracy: ±1.0 dB
    • Offset frequency range: 0.1 mHz to 1 MHz
    • System noise floor (for 10 MHz input):
      • Offset                               L(f) Phase Noise
        1 Hz                                  -145 dBc/Hz
        10 Hz                               -155 dBc/Hz
        100 Hz                             -165 dBc/Hz
        ³10 kHz                            -175 dBc/Hz
    • System noise floor (for 10 MHz input) when using 5120A-01’s internal reference:
      • Offset                               L(f) Phase Noise
        1 Hz                                  -120 dBc/Hz
        ³10 kHz                            -168 dBc/Hz
      • nput signal level: 3-17 dBm
      • Input impedance: 50W
      • Input connectors: TNC (supplied with two BNC adapters)

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