Speedline Momentum Automatic Screen Printer (Loaded with options) #M100686

$ 42,800
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Speedline Momentum Screen printer -SN M100686 

DOM: 3/31/2011 – Refurbished by Speedline: 12/11/2015

This system was originally a demo machine, and after refurbishment went to a very low volume lab. Configured with:

  • Premium Post Print Inspection(ie: 2D and Bridge Detection)
  • 2D Stencil Vision
  • SPI Print Optimizer
  • Edge Lock
  • Closed loop squeegee
  • Paste Dispenser
  • Vision Pro Probe
  • Enhanced FOV (Rapid view LFOV) 
  • 2D Handheld barcode scanner 
  • 1D Barcode Trace 
  • Camalot inside 
  • Optionally included: 18" 4 module Quick-tool Assembly 


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