SonoTek EVS 1000 Lead Free Solder Dross Recovery System

$ 4,500
Sold out


 EVS1000 solder dross recovery system, converts dross back into clean solder!

Was refurbished by OEM and set up for lead free solder processing. 

The EVS 1000 is a smaller, lighter version of the popular EVS 7000/9000 Range with all of the recovery performance of the standard and leadfree solder units. The smaller size and footprint help reduce the cost, but still provide a capacity of 10lb/5kg of dross, giving a rapid payback and impressive return on capital (ROI).

• The very quick cycle time and maneuverability of this new machine will appeal to all customers who regularly de dross, use nitrogen or use 1 or 3 waves.

• With the increasing cost of solders and labor around the world the EVS 1000 is being installed at manufacturing facilities by customers looking to save money and improve their process

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