Samsung CP45FV-NEO 2008 Fine Pitch pick and place w/ 76 feeders

$ 32,000
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Very lightly used Samsung CP45FV-NEO 

2008 Vintage 

6 head pick and place machine

The CP45FV Neo is a high speed, flexible placement machine.
With its unique technology it performs high speed mounting
at 20,200 cph.

In addition it can place any type of components shown in the market
ranging from tiny 0201 to large QFPs; from BGAs to fine pitch CSPs.
These characteristics of CP45FV provides you One-Machine solution.

0.197sec/chip (13,000 CPH) Flying Vision Concept
CP45FV Neo : 0.178sec/chip, 20,224 CPH

Component Range:
Wide component coverage of 0201~ 42mm

±0.04mm 3 sigma accuracy for fine pitch IC

Max Feeder Capacity: 104 Feeders

Heads: 6 Heads

PCB Size Range:
50mm x 50mm Min.
460mm x 400mm Max.

Includes a full compliment of feeders - perfect for a start up line. 

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