Q-Corporation Q Corp QMT 1100M SMT Tape and Reel Machine

$ 4,850
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Q-Corporation Q Corp QMT 1100M Tape and Reel Machine 

Equipped to seal heat activated tapes 

Empty pocket detection 

The QMT-1100 M’s precision tape moves are accomplished by a closed loop servo control system that can exceed 12,000 PPH. Dedicated I/O for direct communications between the QMT-1100M and your automation equipment create the ideal interface for optimum performance.

Tape Width 8-72mm
Tape Pitch 2mm-72mm
Carrier Tape Type All embossed plastic, Optional Paper Tapes
Cover Tape Type Heat Activated Adhesives
Seal Pressure Adjustable
Component Carrier SMD
Electrical 110 VAC 50/60Hz or 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Air 60 PSI @ .25 CFM Minimum of clean dry air
Length 64″
Height 19″
Width 24″
Weight 60Lbs.

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