Palomar Hughes 2460-V Automatic Thermosonic Hybrid Gold Ball Bonder

$ 11,000
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Palomar Technologies Model 2460-V Automatic Thermosonic Hybrid Gold Ball Bonder

With heated work stage, MANY heated stages included see pictures, over 20 pieces some are flexible for many parts, others are transistor and IC fixtures.

For its age the unit is immaculate, passes all tests upon start up.

Just removed from fab in working order (was in production until replacement machine was installed)

Serial 928


Cycle time: 250 msec per wire with an approximate wire length of 0.025 inches

Flame-off: Negative electronic flame-off (NEFO) with adjustable missing wire/excessive wire detection with programmable discharge time, tail length & NEFO gap (arc length)

Touchdown sensing:  Mechanical and/or ultrasonic 

Bonding wire: diameter of 0.0007 to 0.002 inches with negative EFO

Bonding wire:diameter of 0.0007 to 0.003 inches with optional positive EFO

Looping: Multiple programmable looping envelopes with maximum loop height with user designed looping envelopes

Table range: 5 x 12 inch table with digital servos

Reference capability: One or two point reference with two point rotation correction

Ultrasonic generator: electrostrictive ceramic 60 Khz with current and voltage modes 1 or 5 watt selectable

Bonding viewing: multi-power microscope

Step and repeat: Multiple step-and-repeat capability

Table resolution:  X,Y,Z axis resolution of 0.0001 inches

Pattern recognition: Cognex gray scale pattern recognition with auto focus

Bonding system: Flexible adaptive bonding system

Back up: 3.5 inch floppy disk drive 

Optical system: Solid state (CCD) camera with Optem zoom lens

Lighting: Through- the- lens & off-axis 

Operator/maintenance manual

Z stroke: 0.500 inches

Operator and maintenance training available

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