Mycronic SMD Tower system

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Mycronic SMD Tower System, 5 Towers with 2 Drying units 

Description:  Offers intelligent automatic access to component reels and trays and is an automated flexible and expandable buffer storage unit. The correct component is in the right in the place in a controlled environment. Ready for quick and smooth changeovers in your SMT line. You can store your frequently used components with an Agilis feeder attached. Towers can be purchased as a set, or individually. 

  1. SMD Tower 5130 - YOM 2015 
  2.  SMD Tower 200 - YOM 2013
  3. SMD Tower 200 - YOM 2012
  4.  SMD Tower 200 - YOM 2012
  5. SMD Tower 200 - YOM 2011


Individual tower estimated dims: 44" x 43" x 105" CE Marked.  Power: 115V 50/60Hz 

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