MYACHI Compacting Unit - Model C16

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MYACHI Compacting Unit - Model C16
YOM; 2012

Resistance Welding Compacting is ideally suited for stranded wires, sensors and Y connectors. It applies an even, intense and massive compression.
As compared to ultrasonic methods the surface of a compacted resistance welding wire is even and uniform. There are no individual strands in the compacting areas.
Compacting delivers an even and uniform wire surface. Combined with the brazing technique compacting is ideally suited to join cables of a large dimension in automotive applications. An example would be the so called intelligent
battery sensor application allows smart battery power management. The maximum compacted wire diameter can be as large as 95mm

  • C16 Compacting module. M90 weld head 1174N with stand and electrod. with elect. and ceramic plates & water distributor
  • MEA100 Power supply
  • MT-10x -530 Transformer
  • MB-35E Coil 
  • VL40 Pneumatic Valve w/ 2 SWD/SLD valves
  • Foot pedal 
  • Chiller cooling capacity of 3000 watts.  Dims: 450 x 700 x 720mm
  • Flow control device w/temp. 

Item is currently located in Portugal, under power and available for demo

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