MPM Speedline 2011 Momentum Elite Screen Printer, Edgeloc #100186

$ 33,500
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MPM Momentum Elite Screen printer

  • 4/2011 vintage 
  • Made in USA
  • Windows XP OS
  • EdgeLoc : The EdgeLoc system securely holds the board during printing using a side snugging technique. Flippers engage to secure the board across the top edge, which ensures board flatness, and removes any warpage from the board. This technique delivers the best print quality and is the most adaptable system for the widest range of applications. A ‘must’ for thin board printing
  • Max board size - 508x610MM
  • Triple track conveyor for buffering smaller boards to increase cycle time
  • Vacuum / Solvent under screen cleaner 
  • Conveyor is configured for dual lane production but machine can be used as a traditional single lane machine as-is and retains it's large board handling capabilities. The Dual Lane printer leverages all the advantages of dual lane processing to deliver fast, accurate printing of high volume products such as mobile phones, automotive assemblies, PCs and notebooks. Its industry-leading ability to process up to 12” wide boards simultaneously complements its patented unique software capability to switch over to full size board manufacturing (up to 24” x 20”) in single lane mode. 

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