AMP TYCO ASG MEP-12T Connector Press / Press fit

$ 29,500
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Windows XP Control upgrade, touch screen upgrade.

All electric servo actuation
PC controlled, touch screen monitor
Bar code PCB tracking with 100% tracability on each connector seated
QC on min/max force and seated height
On-line SPC X-bar & R-charts
Fully-automatic set up, no adjustments
Data driven process automatically controls speed, force and height
Variety of cycle termination techniques
Manually movable head side to side to press wider PCB’s
Safety light curtains
Available with ergonomic air table
107 kN or 12 ton force
PCB capacity MEP-12T 1200 x 900 mm

Machine is Equipped with the optional airtable : Air Table 1395093-1

Machine is used for semiautomatic pressing of ACTION PIN (Compliant Pin, Pressfit) connectors into printed circuit boards. It is mounted on wheels for portability, but can be locked in place the MEP can process up to 900mm x 1200mm boards 

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