Manncorp RW1210 BGA Rework Station - 2018

$ 9,750
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Manncorp RW1210 BGA Rework Station 

220V 1 phase

Condition is like new. 

Date of mfg : 2018  

The rework station’s universal board holding fixture adjusts quickly to accommodate virtually any PC or LED board from 50 mm x 10 mm (2” x 0.4”) to 430 mm x 360 mm (17” x 14.25”). PCBs from 0.8 mm to 3 mm (0.032” to 0.12”) are securely held in place. When the underside of the PCB must be supported, adjustable pins and an additional set of rails can be used.

Once the board has been installed, high-precision edge rails and slide bearings provide smooth movement of the board. When the component to be reworked is located under the red laser dot that indicates alignment with the top and bottom heaters, the operator locks the fixture in place with convenient thumbscrews.


The only SMT rework station in its price range to include true high-definition (HD) vision on par with the industry’s most advanced rework systems, the RW1210 provides a crystal-clear superimposed image of the component leads and the PCB solder pads, even at 230X zoom. This is thanks to a combination of its 1.3 million pixel, split-vision CCD camera and high-brightness, independently controlled lighting for both the component and the PCB. Regardless of component pitch or size, your rework technician will have no trouble seeing when they’ve achieved perfect alignment on the system’s 15” display.

Component Heater (Top Side) Hot Air (1200 W)
Component Heater (Bottom Side)  Hot Air (1200 W)
Under-Heater Rapid IR (2700 W)

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