Ling Dynamic LDS V730-335T Vibe Table / Shaker, 2000 lbf Vibration Test

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Manufacturer: Ling Dynamic Systems/LDS

Model: V730-335T

Category: Lab Equipment and Accessories

Equipment Details:

Vibration Generator, with Slip-Table
Amplifier: SPAK Series Amplifier, SPA24K/16K  v3.  REPLMT. V730

Vibration Generator Blower Unit

User Manuals/Guides

Data Physics SignalStar Vector U2 Shaker Controller, and Software Bundle

ENDEVCO 104 Charge Amplifier, 109 Power Supply

Rated Peak Sine Force 2000 lbf (8896N)
Rated Random Force 2000 lbf (8896N)
Rated Displacement 2" (51 mm)
Frequency range DC - 3000Hz
Rated Peak Sinusoidal Velocity 78.7" /s (2.0m/s)
Maximum Acceleration: Sine 75g peak
Random 60g RMS

Moving Element Mass 12.52 kg (27.6 lb)
335mm (13.2") table armature for medium g testing with headed inserts
Electronic armature position and over-travel switch
Pneumatic load support system with maximum payload of 350 lb (160kg)
Trunnion mounting on 'Cushy-foot' isolating feet.

Includes other accessories (accelorometers


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