JUKI RS-1XL Smart Modular Mounter & Feeder Package - Low usage 2019

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JUKI RS-1XL Smart Modular Mounter, 8 nozzle Head & Feeder Package - Low usage

This machine was purchased new from the factory 8/2021.  Low usage- only 136 PWBS produced. SN: RSX9B1027  Model year: 2019 

Placement Speed:  42,000CPH (Optimum) / 29,000CPH (IPC9850)
Component size: 0201metric  (008004”)*1 ~74mm square/50mm x 150mm rectangular parts. Board size:  650 x 560mm
Base machine:
One Multi nozzle LNC-120 3D laser Align System with Eight Nozzles. Automatic In-Flight 3D Alignment.  CAN IFS, Front and Rear Feeder Float Detectors and Bank Lifter Kits.. Board Offset Correction System (BOC).  Bad Mark Reading OCC.  950mm Height +/- 20mm. Auto Width. Board Edge Clamping System. Height Measurement System. Windows 7 OS. Board Support Pins. 

Options on this machine:
54 / 27mm VCS camera upgrade : (cost new: $35,205) 
Rear operational unit : (cost new $6,700)

Feeder Package:
  • 70 x RF08AS 8mm 
  • 5 x RF12AS 12mm 
  • 2 x RF16AS 16mm 
  • 1 x RF24AS 24mm 
  • 1 x Quick change Vibratory Feeder  
  • 2 x RF/EF Feeder Trolleys  

Dimensions: 2,109mmW  × 2,000mmD  × 1,440mmH

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