JUKI KE-2060E Fine Pitch Pick and Place, Large board 18x20" 264-G16767

$ 32,000
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JUKI KE-2060E Fine Pitch Pick and Place

  • Large board 460x584MM! 
  • 01005 up to 74x74MM 
  • Optional 25MM max component height option
  • Front side trolley
  • Software upgraded to "R" version running on windows XP vs NT. 
  • Great machine for start up/ prototype line 
  • 12500 CPH
  • SN # 264-G16767
  • HMS : a laser sensor automatically and precisely measures the pick position, reducing mis-picks during production. Simple operation dramatically reduces program setup time.
  • Includes 30 8MM feeders 
  • Sold fully operational, 60 day warranty

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