JUKI KE-1080L 2011 Flexible Mounter, 2.9K Hrs

$ 55,000
Sold out



Vintage : 2011

SN: 000-445430

Max component height - 20MM 

Fine Pitch Pick and Place - 01005 to 74x74mm 

Only 2.9K Hrs of production! 

Includes assorted feeders:

7 CF05HPR, 8mm Feeder, 0402
26 CF081ER, 8mm Feeder
10 FF081E, 8mm Feeder
34 NF081E, 8mm Feeder
6 NF12, 12mm Feeder
5 FF12NS, 12mm Feeder
6 NF16, 16mm Feeder
1 NF24, 24mm Feeder
1 FF24NS, 24mm Feeder
2 SFN3AS, Type N3, Stick Feeder
2 TFI SIF-III Small IC Air Pulse Tube Feeder
6 NSF180, multi-lane Vibe Feeder (with 30 assorted tube guide lanes)
2 MBF44-SOIC, 4-Lane Mini Belt Fe

Very nice / low hour machine, ready for production! 

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