Hesse & Knips Bondjet BJ820 Rotary Head Wedge Bonder

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Hesse & Knips Bondjet BJ820 Rotary Head Wedge Bonder 

• Fully automatic wedge-wedge wire bonder for wire diameters
from 17,5 3m to 60 3m, (optional 12,5 3m - 85 3m).
• Standard equipment for the bonding of aluminum wire, optional heating table for the bonding of gold wire.
• Large working area of 305 mm x 410 mm (12,3” x 16,14”).
• Bond heads for 89° wire feed angle for deep access and ribbon applications, optional 45° bond heads
• High resolution automatic H&K pattern recognition system.
• Bond quality control system based on deformation measurement.
• Operator interface including trackball access to
window technology menu and vision system monitor.

 Item is currently located in Portugal, under power and available for demo

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