Hepco Radial form and cut machine model 3000-2 with dies #2614

$ 750
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Hepco Radial form and cut machine model 3000-2.

Transistors, radial parts, cut and form.

Actual machine pictured with dies included.

HEPCO Model 3000-2
Single-Stroke Pneumatic Operation 
with Easily Interchangeable Dies

Durable, Accurate, Maintenance Free, Simple to Use, Efficient, VersatileHEPCO Model 3000-2

  • Die changes in under 1 minute   
  • Steel base for extremely long life
  • Large variety of dies available
  • Slash labor costs over hand tool use
  • Precision dies to protect components during form
  • Virtually no operator training
  • Maintenance free
  • Special dies to customer specifications
  • Rapid payback     
  • Immediate delivery on In-Stock Dies
  • Streaming Video of SMT Axial Die (.wmv)  Requires Windows Media Player                   

A Single Machine to Trim and/or Form All These Components:
Capacitors, Transistors, LED's, Resistors, Connectors, SIP's, Resistors, Networks, DIP's Crystal Oscillators,
ZIP's, SOT's, Hall Cells, Power Transistors, Flat Pack, Reed Switches



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