Heller 1809MK3 2014 9 Zone Nitrogen Lead Free Reflow oven - loaded

$ 34,500
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Heller 1809MKIII Reflow Oven

Challenging / High Rel products? Military? This is the oven for you. 

  • Vintage : 2014
  • Only 11k production hours
  • Serial # 0914P3­B9N8L­38109­02
  • 380­-480 Volt Electrical Operation
  • Auto Rail width / Auto Lubrication / Front Rail Fixed
  • Automatic Lubrication System for Edge Hold Conveyor
  • Gen5 Waterless Cooling and Flux Separation System
  • Enhanced Waterless Cooling Modules for Low Product Exit Temperatures
  • High Temperature Option for 400C Max Temp with Overhead Edge Hold Conveyor Trolley System
  • Ultra Low Consumption Nitrogen - Auxiliary tunnels and flex door at entrance and exit of oven. Balanced Flow Side Draw modules are to provide laminar flow and further reduce nitrogen consumption at 500-1200 SCFH. Tunnels can be provided for max. PCB size of 18" 
  • Oxygen PPM Monitoring System
  • 18” Wide Light Weave 400C High Temperature Mesh Belt
  • Windows 7 software
  • Discounted purchase price on this unit was $93,911

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