Graco Dispenser C68 with Checkmate Pump

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YOM: 2010. 
General description of the Equipment:
1 x Complete pump, equipped with NXT model pneumatic motor, mounted on a double cylinder pneumatic lift, can operate with drums weighing 20 to 60 kg, depending on the platformused. The pump is equipped with a follower plate for cans weighing 20 kg, with the following technical characteristics:

The set is equipped with a large air regulator capacity to power the pneumatic motor.
The ram is equipped with a pneumatic control system for control (ascent and descent)

The follower plate is for 20 liter cans and has a valve for forced air entry in order to facilitate the replacement of the can.

– Pneumatic Motor: NXT
– Compression ratio: 68:1
– Maximum outlet pressure: 434 Bar
– Volume per double cycle: 200 cc
– Flow rate at 60 cycles/min.: 12 L.P.M.
– Pump Body: Check-Mate L200

1 x Data Track system included in the equipment with the following features:
– Monitoring of material consumption and volumetric flow
– Diagnoses the pump (When should the preventative pump maintenance)
– Cut off the air supply to the pump in case of rupture of hose or lack of product in the drum (detects sudden acceleration of the pump and cuts off the supply air.
– This system is Stand alone and has no communication options.

2 x Product pressure regulator, pneumatically actuated with pressure gauge, the regulator is used to eliminate pressure spikes caused by the pump and maintain
constant pressure at the gun inlet, avoiding variations in flow rate during application,

Technical characteristics:
– Maximum air pressure: 7 Bar
– Maximum product pressure: 344 Bar
– Regulating pressure: 17 – 310 Bar
– Product entry: 3/4”
– Product Output: 3/4”

2 x Automatic gun, model 1K-Ultra Lite, for extrusion, robot mounting, supports one maximum pressure of 276 bar.

This pistol to operate requires air to open and of air to close, uses a double-acting cylinder,
Therefore, the robot must have a pneumatic valve 4/2 to reverse the direction of air in the gun piston.
(customer responsibility)

1 x Extrusion nozzle 1.17 mm diameter
1 x Extrusion nozzle 2.28 mm diameter
1 x Extrusion nozzle 3.96 mm diameter

Note: All hoses are Teflon coated to prevent the product from drying out in the interior.


Item is currently located in Portugal, under power and available for demo

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