FUJI NXT2 4M Base 2 x M6II Modules w/ H12 & H01 heads

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FUJI NXT2 4M Base 2 x M6 modules w/ H12 & H01 heads

Machine is set up for exchangeable banks, includes 1 x exchange cart.

18.8K Hours 

Machines were used in a cleanroom 

The NXT can accommodate PCB size up to 534 x 610 mm and is equipped with automatic rail width adjustment and an optional automatic tooling pin-support system. Intelligent Feeders are standard and can be quickly loaded into any available slot, prevent component loss on reel changeover, and provide remaining component and preventive maintenance administration. NXT's language-neutral, icon based operating system minimizes the learning curve for training operators, and improves efficiency of operators running the line. This eliminates the typical implementation issues with productivity and quality that often accompany the
integration of new technology.

Feeder Capacity:
2x M6II - Up to 45 types (8 mm tape)

PCB load time:
Single conveyor: 2.5 sec
(Using Only M6ll Module)

Placing Accuracy:
Chips:± 0.05 mm (3 sigma)
Four Side leaded: 0.03 mm (3 sigma)

H12HS : 22,500 CPH
H01 : 4,200 CPH

Applicable Components:
H12HS : 0402 (01005) to 7.5 x 7.5mm Max Height : 3.0mm
H02/H01 : 1608 (0603) to 74 x 74mm (32mm x 180mm) Max Height : 25.4mm

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