FocalSpot Verifier HR 2011 130 KVa BGA X-Ray system

$ 19,500
Sold out


 FocalSpot HR 130 

ThermoKevex 130Kv tube with 900 hours 

2011 Vintage

Serviced 2021

It boasts greater than >600X magnification, which provides excellent viewing of internal semiconductor connections such as wire-bonds, die-attach, delamination, voiding and solder joint opens.

The Verifier exceeds all safety and radiation protection requirements set forth by CDRH and FDA regulations. Systems are CE, CSA & TUV certified.

It has a footprint of 32in x 34in x 65in and can handle boards up to 16in x 18in. It offers angled viewing up to 70° (standard fixture) or 360° with a rotation fixture (small boards). The field-of-view is up to 51mm and the resolution is >40 lp/mm

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