ERSA Powerflow N2 Wave Solder - 2013

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ERSA Powerflow N2 Wave Solder - 2013

Hours: 30k with about 14.5k in production and waiting time mode

Lead free: Yes, ran SAC305 solder

Configured with:

  • 3 Heating zones

1-            Top and bottom Convection

2-            Radiant

3-            Radiant

  • Entrance and exit are chain conveyors
  • The board transfers to a finger conveyor to go over the wave
  • The conveyor width:  400 mm or 20"
  • Working width finger conveyor: 406 mm
  • Flow meter.
  • Fluxer: Spray.  Note: amount is controlled in the program. The Monitor is also programmed manually with the expected amount and a plus/minus tolerance.
  • Process gas cleaning- This has a sealed Nitrogen tunnel with an O2 sensor system to monitor and control flow rate.
  • Single solder pot, set up with two wave formers.

Total length, including conveyor in/outfeed is just under 21 feet.

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