Equity 1007S Environmental Chamber 7 Cu/Ft -35°C to +175°C #30465

$ 11,000
Sold out


Test Equity 1007S Environmental Chamber 7 Cu/Ft -35°C to +175°C

Fully operational Chamber 

Air Cooled 

Watlow F4 controller 

SN# 30465

2 shelves

Dry Gas Purge

New cost was $24,000

Inside Dimensions 24" W x 21" H x 24" D (7 cubic feet)
609 mm W x 533 mm H x 609 mm D (198 liters)
Outside Dimensions* 33" W x 67.75" H x 54.25" D (nominal)
838 mm W x 1721 mm H x 1378 mm D


Rate Of Change
To calculate rate of change for a particular condition, take the difference between the Start Temp and End Temp and divide by the Transition Time.
Cool Down Example (empty): From +85°C to -10°C = 95°C / 14 min = 6.8°C/min.
Cool Down Example (with 25 lb. load): From +85°C to -10°C = 95°C / 22 min = 4.3°C/min.
Heat Up Example: From -35°C to +85°C = 120°C / 16 min = 7.5°C/min.Air Cooled 

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