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Despatch Ransco RTS 7107-2 rapid thermal shock chamber -70 to 205C

Despatch Ransco

Despatch Ransco RTS 7107-2 rapid thermal shock chamber -70 to 205C

$ 32,000.00

Units were purchased 2008-2009 new from Ransco

Temp range : -70 to 205C

Units will be sold in operational condition with a full charge of refrigerant. 

Manuals available with the units (digital)

Precision Adjustable Over temperature - Adjustable high-limit controller in hot zones for test load protection.

Guaranteed Part Temp Recovery/Soak - Worse case part temperature is monitored to ensure desired temperature is reached prior to continuation of test.

GN2 Purge in Cold Zone - Minimizes condensation and frost build-up in cold chamber.

Temperature Chart Recorder - 24-hour recording of product temperature in each compartment.

Transfer Jam Alarm - Energizes a beeping audible alarm and display when elevator jam interrupts a test.

Semi-Automatic Defrost System - Sensing system, audible alarm and control panel display alerts operator that defrost on the cold zone is required.

Automatic Defrost System - Preset the number of cycles before defrosting.

The chamber will automatically recondition once defrost is complete.

Microprocessor Control - User friendly touch screen controls make operation easy.

Set points, number of cycles, part temperature recovery/soak and dwell times can be easily adjusted from the touch screen.


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