Dage XD7500-VR 160Kv Open Tube X-Ray, SN X20977

$ 54,000
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Dage XD7500-VR 160Kv Open Tube X-Ray

This powerful X-ray system  is designed for reliable and efficient performance in industrial applications. With 160kVa and 3 watts of power, it delivers superior imaging resolution and superior image contrast with the easiest to use operator interface on the market. Its open tube design ensures serviceability and longevity.

SN X20977

3W tube 


DOM : 2007 

CE Marked 

■ 950 nanometer (0.95 micron) feature recognition

■ 1200 X geometric magnification (5650 X system)

■ Up to 70° oblique angle views over the entire inspection area

Machine has been fully serviced and is sold turn key production ready. 

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