Manncorp Complete Production Line - Installed in 2017

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  • SP430L  Automatic Inline Stencil Printer
  • MC-388F4- Pick and Place - 4 Heads
  • CR-5000-F Reflow Oven - 10 zones
  • Sherlock -300-1 AOI - Inline
  • All associated handling equipment and Feeders

Details of each piece: 

Manncorp AP430L Automatic Screen Printer - 2016
DOM: 9/2016
SN: AP430L0481

  • Vision Alignment System Automatic (AT-Align system)
  • Stencil Frame Size
  • (External Dimensions) 520 x 400 mm to 736 x 736 mm
  • (20.5" x 15.7" to 29" x 29")
  • Board Size Min: 50 x 50 mm
  • Max: 400 x 350 mm
  • Optional max: 450 x 350 mm
  • Board Thickness 0.4 to 3 mm
  • Board Warpage Max PCB 1% of diagonal line
  • Blade Type Metal
  • XY Adjustment ±10 mm
  • Radial Adjustment ±2°
  • Registration Repeatability ±0.01 mm
  • PCB Fixation Screw clamping system and vacuum
  • CCD FOV 5 x 7 mm
  • Vision Fiducial Standard fiducial and any pads, 0.5 to 3 mm

Air & Power Requirements 220VAC 50-60 Hz power, 75psi (5 bar) air
Dimensions (L x W x H) 57" x 44" x 60" (1450 x 1120 x 1525 mm)
Weight 1433 lbs (650 kg)

Manncorp MC388F4-V Pick and Place  
DOM: Dec 2016
SN: 388E4V16V2481
Windows 7 Pro OS 
  • (4) placement heads 
  • Teach Camera
  • Fiducial recognition 
  • Bad Mark Detection
  • Tool Changer 
Power:  200-230V 50/60/Hz 
Air: 80Psi, 16 CFM 
Machine dimensions (without feeders): (75" x 62" x 59")
With feeders: (81"L X 66"W X 74"H)
Manncorp CR-5000-F - 2016 - 5 Zone Reflow Oven
SN: C2016064
DOM: 11/2016
  • Edge Rail & Mesh Belt
  • Number of Heating Zones: 5 upper, 5 lower
  • Max Temperature: 350°C
  • On-Board Profiling
  • Component Max. Height 30 mm upper, 25 mm lower
  • Dimensions: (120" L x 54" W x 57" H)/Power: 220 V, 3-Phase, 90 A

Rexxam Sherlock-300I Automated Optical Inspection
Dimensions 50mm (W)×50mm (D) to 330mm (W)×250mm (D)
Thickness of PCBA 0.5 to 2.0mm
Maximum weight of PCBA 1kg
Height limit of PCBA
(Clearance) Upper side 25mm (Resolution:12.4μm/pixel)
30mm (Resolution:18.7μm/pixel)
Under side 70mm
Resolution 12.4μm/pixel
Minimum components to be inspected (JIS) 0402 (Resolution:12.4μm/pixel)

Inspection speed 5,000mm2/s
(*in case of resolution:18.7μm/pixel)
Main inspection items Component inspection Missing parts, displacement, defective standing, polarity, foreign objects, wrong parts, inversion, character recognition (OCR)

Solder inspection Excess, Insufficient, unsoldered, bridges, solder ball
Imaging range 25.4mm×13.5mm (Resolution:12.4μm/pixel)
38.3mm×20.3mm (Resolution:18.7μm/pixel)
Depth of field 6mm (Resolution:12.4μm/pixel)
10mm (Resolution:18.7μm/pixel)
Repeatability of positioning ±50μm
Camera 2M Pixel
Lighting RGB + warm white LED
Structure of imaging unit Optical system with the object side telecentric lens
Flow direction of PCBA Right to left/left to right
(selected before shipment)
Driving system of imaging unit High rigidity biaxial driving
PCBA clamping unit Air clamp
Width adjustment for transferring conveyor Automatic
Passline 920±50mm
Reference position for PCBA width Front
Monitor 21.5" touch panel display
PC OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Japanese/English (selected before shipment)
Memory 8GB
Interface between equipments Conformance to SMEMA standard
Environment conditions for operation 10 to 35℃/30 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Environment conditions for storage -10 to 60℃/30 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Power supply AC100 to 240V ±10% (single phase)
Compressed air consumption Compressed air :0.5MPa
Air consumption :5Nℓ/min
Dimensions of main unit
(excluding protruding portion) W620×D758×H1,294mm
*in case of the pass line 900mm
Weight (excluding PC) 154kg


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