Branson 2000X AED / 2000Xdt 20:2.5 2500 Watt Ultrasonic Welder 2016

$ 17,500
Sold out


Branson 2000Xdt 20:2.5

Power : 2500 Watt

Yr:  11/2016 

New cost w/o tooling $37,595

Like new condition with booster. 

Model 2000Xdt power supply, 20 kHz, 2500 Watts, 200-
245V AC, 50/60Hz featuring welding by time, energy, peak
power, collapse and absolute distance as well as patented
Amplitude Profiling, digital amplitude setting, and nine
languages for global setup and operation. Has a full VGA
color touch screen interface offering 16 presets, full
graphing, graph overlay, and a power curve feature.
Enhanced communications include ethernet, USB port,
external VGA port and X-Networking. Comes complete with
a digital power supply module featuring line/load regulation,
digital auto tuning, horn scan capability, programmable
starting ramps, and automation capable.

2000X aed actuator, 3.0" cylinder, base mount, 40' column
featuring controllable/measurable weld and hold force
achieved through a new S-beam load cell with dynamic
follow-through, precise linear encoder for distance and
velocity measurement/reporting, remote pressure readout
and converter cooling

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