Aqueous Technologies Trident LD TRIO - 3 bay batch washer cleaner

$ 42,500
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Aqueous Technologies TRIDENT LD TRIO 3 chamber batch wash system 

2011 vintage with low use 

Get redundancy, and added throughput from your wash process.  The trio will rival throughput of an inline process. 

Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System

New cost was over 110K

Trident LDO-TRIO provides 3x the throughput capabilities of a single-chambered model within one footprint and one electrical connection. Each chamber is completely autonomous, allowing for different program recipes, chemicals, and separate SPC data records. 

Trident LDO includes a closed loop (zero discharge) wash solution section and a filtered low-discharge rinse section. 

Trident LDO is compatible with the industry's most popular cleaning chemical additives and is capable of removing all flux species as well as other polar and non-polar residues.

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