Acculogic Flying Scorpion FLS 850D Dual Sided Flying Probe Tester, 4 probes each top and bottom

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Description: Acculogic Flying Scorpion FLS 850D Double Sided, Single Pass, Flying Probe Fixtureless Tester, 4 probes each top and bottom.


SN: X9441   System is configured with: 

  • Max Board size & testable area: 650mm W x 850mm L 
  • Topside: Large Shuttle & camera module, Advanced Probe module APM 800E, 4 moving probes 
  • Bottomside: Standard Shuttle & Camera, Advanced Probe Module APM 800E, Probe module PM 600 4 bottom side probes and camera 
  • ChipScan for Open Pin Detection 
  • Optiscan AutomatedManual load system Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Xmatic Basic Cad translation sw High speed, 4 moving topside Probes 
  • 17" Flat panel display moniter with swing arm
  • Auto Calibration 
  • Calibration plate is included with this system 

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