HP-Agilent-8712ET-300kHz-1300MHz-RF-Network-Analyzer Working-Unit and power cord

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Auction consisting of 1 of the 2 units available.

1 - HP Agilent 8712ET 300kHz - 1300MHz RF Network Analyzer (s/n US40221465 and US4022498 Neither with options listed) and
1 - power cord
We have 2 units with s/n as follows:
Model 8712ET s/n US40221465 and US4022498 Neither with options listed.

Only what is listed above and/or shown in the pictures below are included in this auction.

The Agilent 8712ET features a built-in transmission/reflection test set with a full range of magnitude and phase measurements. Two independent channels can measure and display two device parameters, such as transmission and reflection response, in a variety of formats including complex impedance, SWR, and delay, on rectangular, polar or Smith-chart displays. These analyzers also employ vector-error-correction techniques to enhance measurement accuracy.

Narrowband and broadband detection
100 dB dynamic range
Real-time sweep speeds (40 ms/sweep)
Integrated T/R test set
Synthesized source with 1-Hz resolution
Standard LAN interface
Standard Internal Agilent Instrument BASIC (IBASIC)

Measurement capabilities :

Gain/Insertion loss
Insertion phase
Electrical length
Linear group delay
Return loss
Reflection coefficient
Gain compression
AM-to-PM conversion
Absolute power

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